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Life after Number Two!

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Is it worrying that a title such as this has resulted in me not being able to remove a smirk from my face? I was always a very serious individual before the arrival of my first child just over 3 and a half years ago and my journey into motherhood began, and I don't know whether to attribute my new found inner child to now being a very lucky stay at home mummy of two, or the influence of none other than my very special friend and PeachiPartner, Mrs Clare R!

The past four years have flown by so crazily quickly and to think that PeachiBoo is already over three years old seems none other than insane. However, I am reliably informed that we are already beyond the half year mark of 2015 (2015! where did 2013 and 2014 go?), there is less than four months until Christmas (you know you love me for this reminder!), and I am having to start to accumulate the world stores of Kleenex as I begin to explore the world of schools for THE application that will need to be submitted in November (sob!).

I always remember being told when I was younger that life flies by - yeah yeah I thought - but the whirlwind of life has certainly intensified following the arrival of number two (hee hee). There is a 22 month age gap between my gorgeous little man and my scrumptious princess and I remember all too well the reactions that followed the announcement of our second pregnancy. Amongst the obligatory congratulations we received in abundance were the "Gosh, that was quick", the "Really? You're brave", and my personal favourite from Mum's with similar age gaps, "It's hard in the beginning, but the effort really pays off in the end". I'd smile along with what I can only retrospectively call naivety or maybe glazed tiredness (there is certainly no indulging in your pregnancy when you are back working and have a toddler to care for), and think happy thoughts with the most prevalent being "it can't be that bad".

So, who was right?

You'll be pleased to know both! There have certainly been days in the past 22 months where I have wanted to dive into my happy place and never return as the whinging fills every tiny little space in the home that we live (…. and breathe). In contrast, there have been days where even if the grey didn't clear outside, the sun could never have shone brighter indoors as I relished the amazing little moments and cuddles that will stay with me forever. I can tell you that I didn't realise how much like a musical my life would become, as in some instances there is no better relief than to sing at full pelt how much you would like to see a room be magically tidied (Mary Poppins set me false expectations about the speed at which a room can be transformed!), and the added bonus here is that it can also provide marvellous entertainment to both of the kiddywinks. However, I sit here writing this first blog on our brand new website, watching lovingly and listening to two of the people that make up my entire world talk to one another about the special people in their lives, play cars together and sing a variety of nursery rhymes and I find myself miles away from the hard juggling of the early days as a mum of two under two.

I am sure that there would be some elements that would be easier if I had waited until now to have a second bundle of joy, as I would have had a mainly compliant helper to "please pass me another pack of wipes to deal with this hideous nappy". Although regardless of the age gap I am also sure that the jump from one to two children will always be a learning curve with the likelihood of your humility being tested and reduced to that of an 8-year old boy, but to be able to watch the children enjoy each others company doing the same things whilst I indulge in a coffee and some PeachiPlanning is also very exciting.